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Canopy for double bed - Cutting vinyl blinds

Canopy For Double Bed

canopy for double bed

    double bed
  • (double-bedded) having a double bed; "a double-bedded room"

  • a bed wide enough to accommodate two sleepers

  • A bed is a large piece of furniture (or a location) used as a place to sleep, and as a primary place for relaxation and sexual activity.

  • Cover or provide with a canopy

  • cover with a canopy

  • the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air

  • the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit

Snoring Room

Snoring Room

This is my bed etc. It is like a 3/4 or double bed back home. It has my electric blanket on top and my bedding is on our bed in the master bedroom. I plan to get bedding for this bed but still havent decided exactly what I want. That is also why you see one drape.. the window does have a blind and a nice shelf. We are going to change the bedframe. I just want simple wooden legs. That's Dennis' 80's bedframe. Yes the mattress is newish. About 5 years old.

My window is great. It is high enough that I can enjoy the tree canopy behind the house and see all the birds. Love it. This is a really nice bright room and once I get it sorted.. oh and a floofy warm rug beside the bed.. all will be perfect. Pictures on the wall too.

Double bed, interior of RV, Todds Motorhomes, Coote Lane, Lostock Hall

Double bed, interior of RV, Todds Motorhomes, Coote Lane, Lostock Hall

This obviously isn't anything to do with the previous photo but one of the motorhomes I went in - this one! - was absolutely huge! There's all kinds of stuff inside here including, notably, a doubled bed! It's a small double bed - very small - but that there is one at all is a feat of engineering. It also means that this RV is very expensive to purchase and run. Imagine all the petrol it would use up - ouch!

canopy for double bed

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Decorative Bed Canopies. Best Shade Perennials.

Decorative Bed Canopies

decorative bed canopies

  • (decoratively) in a decorative manner; "used decoratively at Christmas"

  • Relating to decoration

  • Serving to make something look more attractive; ornamental

  • cosmetic: serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"

  • (decorativeness) an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive

  • (canopy) the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit

  • Cover or provide with a canopy

  • (canopy) the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air

  • (canopy) cover with a canopy

  • A place or article used by a person or animal for sleep or rest

  • furnish with a bed; "The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals"

  • The time for sleeping

  • A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress and coverings

  • a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"

  • a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"

Balinese Suite - InterContinental Bali Resort

Balinese Suite - InterContinental Bali Resort

This 101 sqm suite personifies the spirit of Bali through the use of decorative indigenous artifacts that reflect a rich heritage of culture and religion. A canopied bed takes one back in time while a traditional Balinese bathroom, with indulging bath tub and luxury amenities, evokes the bathing rituals of a bygone era.
Despite a decor that invites memories of the glorious past, the Balinese Suite anticipates every conceivable need of the international resort traveller with modern conveniences such as two large plasma televisions with DVD and a comprehensive choice of international satellite channels, refreshment centre and broadband internet access. The inclusion of an espresso coffee machine is just another added convenience to make guests feel comfortably at home.

Hotel L'Antico Pozzo, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy, Bedroom

Hotel L'Antico Pozzo, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy, Bedroom

The rooms and the suites of Hotel L'Antico Pozzo in San Gimignano are furnished with charming canopy beds and decorated with frescoes and decorative pieces.

decorative bed canopies

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Girl canopy bedding. Sheer window shades.

Girl Canopy Bedding

girl canopy bedding

  • (bed) a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"

  • Straw or similar material for animals to sleep on

  • A base or bottom layer

  • Coverings for a bed, such as sheets and blankets

  • bedding material: material used to provide a bed for animals

  • bedclothes: coverings that are used on a bed

  • cover with a canopy

  • the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air

  • Cover or provide with a canopy

  • the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit

  • A young or relatively young woman

  • a young woman; "a young lady of 18"

  • female child: a youthful female person; "the baby was a girl"; "the girls were just learning to ride a tricycle"

  • A female child

  • A person's daughter, esp. a young one

  • daughter: a female human offspring; "her daughter cared for her in her old age"

Savannah's nursery 2006 old house

Savannah's nursery 2006 old house

I made this large carousal horse out of coordinating fabrics from her nursery bedding.

girl canopy bedding

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Glass shade floor lamp : Custom draperies.

Glass Shade Floor Lamp

glass shade floor lamp

    floor lamp
  • a lamp that stands on the floor

  • A tall lamp designed to stand on the floor

  • A floor lamp comprises a stand that supports the bulb holder and bulb, which is shaded to distribute light.  Like table lamps, floor lamps cast a warm, ambient, cozy glow, and are also good for delivering local light to a couch or chair.

  • A torchiere (tour-she-AIR or tour-SHARE), or torch lamp, is a lamp with a tall stand of wood or metal. Originally, torchieres were candelabra, usually with two or three lights.

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • a container for holding liquids while drinking

  • Any similar substance that has solidified from a molten state without crystallizing

  • A thing made from, or partly from, glass, in particular

  • A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles

  • represent the effect of shade or shadow on

  • Screen from direct light

  • Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of

  • shadow: cast a shadow over

  • Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color

  • relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; "it is much cooler in the shade"; "there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"

Day 082.07

Day 082.07

LOCATION: Merrylands, Sydney
TIME: 11:11AM
SUBJECT/REASON: Art Deco diamond light on a pylon.

© Photographs property of Lee Woodford. Copywrite 2011.



Bronze Glass Shade Floor Lamp + set of 5 unused daylight and soft white bulbs - $10

glass shade floor lamp

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Shade Garden Layout

shade garden layout

    shade garden
  • Shade gardens are gardens planted and grown in areas with little or no direct sunlight during the day, either under trees or on the shady sides of buildings. Shade gardening presents certain challenges, in part because only certain plants are able to grow in shady conditions.

  • The way in which text or pictures are set out on a page

  • The way in which the parts of something are arranged or laid out

  • In computing, layout is the process of calculating the position of objects in space subject to various constraints. This functionality can be part of an application or packaged as a reusable component or library. Web browser engines are sometimes called layout engines.

  • The process of setting out material on a page or in a work

  • a plan or design of something that is laid out

  • the act of laying out (as by making plans for something)

Shade garden

Shade garden

We've had so much rain this year, the shade garden is completely overgrown.

Spring Shade Garden

Spring Shade Garden

Pink & White Bleeding Hearts as well Lungwort

shade garden layout

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